Covenant Church recognizes the essential Spiritual Gift of LEADERSHIP and works to train, encourage, and raise up new leaders. Our vision statement says "BY EQUIPPING: We will seek to develop and equip each member for ministry to our Lord in all of life, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We do this by discovering and developing our gifts and providing meaningful opportunities for ministry." Therefore, our leaders need to be equipped to encourage the development of the gifts within the congregation.

In the past, we sent 23 of our leaders to a local training program sponsored by the Eastern Home Missions Board. We have also attended the Willowcreek Leadership Summit. This event is also sponsored by the Eastern Home Missions Board and is held at the Willowcreek Community Church in Chicago..

Our growth focus this year is the implementation of the "ABC's of Natural Church Development". We recognize that a healthy church has proper focus on: Empowering Leadership, Gift-oriented Ministry, Passionate Spirituality, Functional Structures, Inspiring Worship Services, Holistic Small Groups, Need-Oriented Evangelism, and Loving relationships. More information on this program is listed below.

The Leadership Of Covenant Christian Reformed Church is currently working towards making on-going improvements in the eight quality areas that characterize a Biblically healthy church. We are using the guidelines written by Christian A. Schwarz in his books on the ABC's of Natural Church Development.

Our current focus areas are:
1. Need-Oriented Evangelism
2. Holistic Small Groups
3. Loving Relationships

More information can be found on Natural Church Development at their website. Click here to view.